About Us

Our Promise To You

Have you ever scheduled a service for your home or business and been given a large window of arrival time? You wait while having no idea when that technician will arrive or who they are. Or maybe you called to set up a service and never received a call back.

Us, too! These are only a couple of reasons why we are so passionate about great customer service.

This is our promise to you:

  • We will respond promptly to your call/text or email.
  • We will offer convenient scheduling with short timeframes so you aren’t left waiting all
    day for a technician to arrive.
  • You will be assigned a certified technician you can get to know by name who will always
    take time to listen and address your concerns.
  • Our technicians will communicate with you when they are on their way.
  • We will always be here beyond the appointment should there be anything that needs
Who We Are - Tony & Marcy Cordova

We are local Tulsans and Grand Lakers with a combined 30-plus years in customer service. Tony has spent the past 20 years in the technology sales and service industry with industry leaders like; Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Dell Computer company. Marcy also still works as a residential real estate professional for RE/MAX Results, helping people buy and sell homes in the Greater Tulsa and Grand Lake areas.

Our passion is not about sales. It is about building lasting relationships through serving others. We wanted to create and build a family business we could share with our kids. We wanted them to be part of building a legacy for their futures while instilling in them the joy and fulfillment of using their God given gifts to serve others.

And, we love the outdoors! We love having friends and family over, whether at the lake sitting on the deck or around the fire pit laughing and sharing stories late into the night or in town for a backyard BBQ. What we don’t love is our outdoor time bothered by unwanted pests. Having pest control that works and a beautiful lawn we can enjoy is a must for us.

Considering our passion for the outdoors, a beautiful lawn, and a bug-free good time, we decided to bring what we’ve learned from our current industries, along with our research and professional training in pest control and lawn care, to you!

  • Prompt communication
  • Easy scheduling
  • Great customer service
  • Pest control that works
  • All from a local name you can know and trust.
Owners/Tony and Marcy Cordova
Tulsa & Grand Lake, Oklahoma