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A Healthy and Bug Controlled Lawn

Attention Tulsa and Grand Lake Area Homeowners: You can now get the lush and green lawn of your dreams with ProGuard Exterminator’s 7-Step Treatment Program!

Are you tired of a lackluster lawn filled with weeds and pests and ready to enjoy a luxurious, weed-free lawn without the hassle of having to do it yourself?

Our 7-step Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization Treatment will give you the full, thick, and weed-free lawn you’ve been dreaming of with as little as seven applications per year.

After an expert assessment of your location, grass type, and lawn needs, we will develop a
the tailored treatment protocol that combines weed control and lawn fertilization treatments to give you the luxurious lawn you deserve.

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Our 7-step Lawn Treatment Program includes:

Round 1

Spring Pre/Post-Emergent

Round 2

Slow-Release Fertilizer

Round 3

Nutsedge Application & Pre-Emergent Booster

Round 4

Early Summer Fertilizer

Round 5

Summer Fertilizer

Round 6

Early Fall Fertilizer

Round 7

Fall Pre/Post Emergent

Fall Fescue Seeding
Mosquito, Flea & Tick control for a pest-free lawn safeguarding your family and pests from harmful bites.

Enjoy the lawn you’ve always wanted without weeds and pests spoiling your summer outdoor relaxation time. Schedule a free inspection today and let’s get started on growing that dream lawn.

Here’s what each of the 7 steps involves and why they are important in the treatment of your lawn:

Round 1: Spring Pre/Post-Emergent. We will apply a pre-emergent treatment to stop weed seeds from germinating and a post-emergent treatment to address any existing weeds. This will give you a clean and attractive lawn from the start of the growing season.

Round 2: Slow-Release Fertilizer. This fertilizer will provide long-lasting nourishment for your lawn to help it grow healthy and strong with adequate nutrition for healthy growth, which is essential for overall health and appearance.

Round 3: Nutsedge Application and Pre-Emergent Booster. Nutsedge can be a tough weed to control, but our team will take care of it for you and apply a pre-emergent booster to prevent further weed growth.

Round 4: Early Summer Fertilizer. Your lawn will receive an extra boost of nutrients during the crucial summer growing months to help it thrive. The summer months are a crucial period for growth, and an early summer fertilizer helps ensure that your lawn has the necessary nutrients.

Round 5: Summer Fertilizer. This treatment will continue to nourish your lawn during the hot summer months, keeping it healthy and attractive. The summer months can be particularly harsh on your lawn, and adequate nutrition helps your lawn maintain its health and appearance.

Round 6: Early Fall Fertilizer. This fertilizer will help prepare your lawn for the cool fall weather, making sure it is ready for winter. The fall is an important time of transition for your lawn, and the right nutrition helps your lawn prepare for the winter and recover from the summer.

Round 7: Fall Pre/Post Emergent. We will apply a pre-emergent treatment to stop weed seeds from germinating in the spring and a post-emergent treatment to address any existing weeds. This is important because it helps maintain a clean and attractive lawn, and also helps prevent weed seeds from germinating and establishing themselves in your lawn in the coming spring.

With our 7-step program, you can enjoy a luxurious, weed-free lawn at your Tulsa or Grand Lake area home or business without the hassle of having to do it yourself.

And best of all, you will have more time to spend barefoot and enjoying that lawn, rather than dealing with weeds and pests yourself.

So why wait? Schedule your free inspection with ProGuard today by calling (918) 978-8669 and let us get started on growing that dream lawn for you now!