Weed Control / Lawn Fertilization

Healthy & Bug Controlled Lawn

You need a lush, green lawn so inviting you spend more time walking barefoot on it than wearing shoes anywhere else. You can have a full, thick, weed-free, and pest-controlled lawn with as little as seven applications per year of ProGuard Exterminators’ Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization Treatment. We’ll assess your location, grass type, and lawn needs to create a treatment protocol that will give you a luxurious lawn.

Our 7-step treatment program includes:

Round 1

Spring Pre/Post-Emergent

Round 2

Slow-Release Fertilizer

Round 3

Nutsedge Application & Pre-Emergent Booster

Round 4

Early Summer Fertilizer

Round 5

Summer Fertilizer

Round 6

Early Fall Fertilizer

Round 7

Fall Pre/Post Emergent

Fall Fescue Seeding
Mosquito, Flea & Tick for a pest-free lawn safeguarding your family and pests from harmful bites.

Enjoy the lawn you’ve always wanted without weeds and pests spoiling your summer outdoor relaxation time. Schedule a free inspection today and let’s get started on growing that dream lawn.